Sailing Fees

Fees for competing in the Sailing Committee organized races are required for each boat (hull and skipper) and at least the number of required crew.  Crew fees must be paid for each boat even if a person crews on multiple boats.

See the Sailing Instructions for rules regarding when fees are due.

The fees by class are listed in the table below (ALL SAILBOATS refers to the cost for participation in the Annual Ordway Handicap Race on July 4):

The discounts available depend on the fleet as marked in the table above. These discounts only apply as given below and do not apply to the Other Fees listed at the bottom of this page.

WBYC Sailing School Discount
Students under age 19 who have paid or will be paying for WBYC Sailing School Racing Lessons (and have not cancelled) do not have to pay the Hull & Skipper and crew fees in order to race in Sailing Division races. Note that submitting a Sailing Division registration form is still required.

Youth Discount
Boats (excluding Class X) owned by the skipper or his/her parents whose skipper is under age 25 receive a 50% discount on the Hull & Skipper fees. Additionally, in a boat with a youth skipper, crews under age 25 receive a 50% discount off the crew fee.

New Sailor Discount
Skippers 25 years of age or older who have never registered a boat at WBYC and are registering a boat they own for the first time at WBYC receive a 50% discount on the Hull & Skipper fee. Crews of new skippers who also have never previously registered to race at WBYC also receive a 50% discount on the crew fee. Past participation in WBYC races by virtue of being enrolled in the WBYC Sailing School racing lessons is not considered being registered for the purposes of this discount.

Exceptions to these fees:

  • WBYC Proprietary and SMII members may register and race any or all of the sailboats they own with the WBYC Sailing Division without paying Hull & Skipper fees. However, Crew fees and applicable lift, and photo fees must be paid.

Note: Regattas held at WBYC have their own fees for participation and these are completely separate and in addition to the fees discussed here.

Other Fees:

  • A Lift Fee of $553 is required of sailors that wish to keep their boat on a lift along the shoreline of the WBYC property. The lift must be provided by the sailor. Participation in the Lift-In and Lift-Out events is required for sailors with lifts at the WBYC or a $50 fee will be assessed per event.

  • An Associate Member Fee of $30 entitles persons to attend WBYC Sailing Committee social events.

  • A Picture Trophy fee of $25 will purchase a matted picture of the member’s boat sailing during races.  Photos are available at the awards banquet at the end of the year but must be ordered in advance on the registration form.

  • Awards Banquet and other social events may have additional fees.