Classified Ads

WBYC members who are looking to buy, sell, donate or swap sailing related items can post them here through their secure online access. Ads from the general public are no longer accepted. Commercial ads from dealers, vendors and businesses are not allowed. We are not responsible in any way for the content, condition or sales terms of items offered for sale on this web site. You must be at least 13 years of age to submit a Classified Ad.

Please use the buttons below to enter or view ad information.

Advertising Hints

When submitting an ad for public posting, it is a good idea to provide a detailed description. Include information like the manufacturer’s name, year the boat was built, the age, manufacturer and conditions of any sails, trailers, lifts, etc. that are included and, of course, people like to see the price you asking so they don’t waste time contacting you about something they can’t afford to buy.

When adding an image to your ad, don’t bother to post pictures with really high resolution. Most monitors can’t display more than 72 dots per inch, so you are just wasting upload and page drawing time if you put images directly off your new multi-megapixel camera. Keep the images to 640 x 480 pixels and crop them so they show the area of interest.

To protect your privacy from Internet robots that try to harvest e-mail addresses and phone numbers you may wish to use tricks such as spelling out all or part of your phone number (example: 651-five-five-five-5555) or eliminating the @ sign from your e-mail address (example: your_address (at)

Finally, don’t post anything regrettable or obscene. We know who you are.