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General Information

Members Database – General Information
The WBYC Sailing Committee uses a web-based system that automates many of the tasks required to keep our sailing program operating. The system includes both “public” web pages (that anyone can access) and “private” web pages (those that our members will access with a User name and Password). Registered members who were active in previous years should already have their login information.

The system (developed and maintained by Tom Shield) is driven by a secure database containing information such as your boat name and number, your name, address, etc. We are very aware of your privacy concerns and you have full control over whether any other members can see your information. Furthermore, we do NOT collect any Credit Card numbers or other information that might be a liability for identity theft such as SSN’s. (Beware of any spurious E-mail purporting to be from WBYC asking for that type of information). The only information we will have stored is essentially what someone could look up in a phone book or online.